Sunday 10 September 2017

LIEBSTER AWARD 2017: Finally an Achievement as a Blogger!

Hello Readers,

It's always like an another achievement to get your work recognized; first achievement is your work itself.

I feel blissful in announcing this wonderful news with you all. The immensely talented Readers (well, listening and reading with complete dedication is a talent in itself) from all over the world are supporting my Blog, and this fine day, an another such reader who is a Blogger herself; Preeti Gaur, has given this Honor to me by nominating my Blog for "Liebster Award 2017". (Although I am uncertain of receiving this Award but, getting such a recognition as a Nominee at this stage is Big in itself)

One common thing between this beautiful reader-cum-blogger, Preeti Gaur, is that, she is also one of my kind who writes on anything and everything. She expresses incredibly which is really impressive. Although, it's not been too long since she is writing on a public platform but, her work speaks her talent. She seems to be blessed with this beautiful Art of Writing by birth. In one of her recent posts on Monsoons, Rains and Enjoyment..., she has described Monsoon so beautifully that you actually feel the instant urge to get drenched in rain-showers and enjoy your favorite music along. And, yes Preeti, I am also one among those common people, who love to dig-in those monsoon snacks like jalebi / samosas and tea / coffee ☺ Friends, you can visit her Blog here!  

Well well well... let me answer that "one" common question which must be knocking your brains that, "What is Liebster Award 2017?". This is a "Global Aussie Liebster Award" which exists only on internet which is given to a blogger by other follower bloggers. It was started in 2011, and has gained attention from all over the world. The German word Liebster means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. Certainly, I am thrilled to be nominated for this Award.

You are given a set of questions with this Nomination, to be answered by you in a blog post, and nominate few other deserving bloggers through your post. That's how you "pass it on" and "share the love"!

Click here to know more about The Global Aussie Liebster Award 2017! 

Well, I would like to share some facts about myself so that we could connect even more:
(Though you must be aware about these, if you have gone through the "About I, Me, Myself" page on my Blog)

1. I am happily married, and have a Daughter who's turning four this October (this girl luckily shares her birthday with her Daddy)!
2. I'm fun-loving, and like to travel a lot!
3. My pals mostly accuse me for stretching conversations... LOL!
4. I'm a die hard fan of Google!
5. I have a weakness for Hot-choclate Fudge!
6. I can't see anybody crying before me!
7. My daughter is the apple of my eyes, and I'm my Husband's... winks!
8. Switzerland is the most beautiful Country I've been to!
9. Deep water is my biggest fear but, I still want to experience under-water diving!
10. I'm a good cook by chance... winks!

So, here goes my Answers for the Questions asked by my Nominator Preeti Gaur:

1. What do you enjoy most about Blogging?
Sometimes, you don't intend to Impress but Express, and I enjoy this liberty which I derive from blogging. I don't need to look out for ears to listen to me if I wish to express something at an hour in the middle of a night ☺

2. Why did you start blogging? What inspired you?
It is said that, "when something is meant for you, the whole world comes along to make it come true". I would like to link my first blog here which might be an appropriate answer to this question. Please Click here!

3. Aside from your own site, what's your favorite Blog?
I would rather mention "Google" here, which not only provides all the information but also, connects with any and every blog whenever I wish to reach out to any particular Topic / Issue / Question. Well, I already mentioned that, I am a die hard fan of "Google" ☺

4. What do you find most challenging about blogging?
Bringing as much as Harmony of Thoughts in one post when, you wish to reach out to a number of readers. Constructive Criticism is always Welcome though! The purpose is to see how right your own perspective is; when you are praising or criticizing something.

5. What do you do when you get Writer's Block?
Well, "Writer's Block" is something I go through often...LOL! Not being an oldie-goldie I guess, sometimes I really have to work upon this. So, when this happens, I just enjoy other sides of ME; Company Secretary as a profession, my Motherhood, my favorite Music, googling updates on recent issues, and sometimes watching "Short Films" on You-Tube.

6. Your house is on fire! Aside from people, what do you save?
This question reminds me of an incident when we had a real bad Earthquake here in Delhi, India. The only thing which I saved and took with me while going downstairs with my daughter was: My Laptop!

7. If you have a book you re-read often, what is it? If not, what's your favorite book?
The only book or I should say the only platform which I re-read often (whenever I am idle) is my own Blog; to check for the scope of improvement.
I can't really name one favorite book but, if I have to remember "one", it would be: Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat; the very first book I read.

8. What is your favourite time of the year?

9. What is your favorite inspiration quote / quotes?
Ye Waqt Guzar Jayega! You just have to remember this at the right time else, it can demotivate you in Good Times.

10. What motivates you to keep blogging?
My constant interest in shaping the experiences into words.

11. Describe a typical day in the life of you!
Typical Working day: Good Morning - Breakfast & Lunch preparation -Sending my daughter off to School - Household Chores - Office Work (from home) - Bringing Daughter Home - Lunch - Her Homework - Evening Snacks - Dinner - Television - Gupshup with Husband - Good Night!
Typical Sunday / Holiday: Good Afternoon - Brunch - Casual outing - Evening Snacks - Dinner - Television - Good Night! And, not to forget all the casual masti with family in between.

Moving forward to my further Nominations for this Award... Since, I already mentioned that you get to "pass it on" and "share the love", below are the Blogs / Bloggers I nominate for this Award:

1. Kaibiganko Gayyemko (
2. Tanushree Agarwal (
3. Gabriela Pieczonka (
4. Karthick Sivaraj (
5. Cari Bunfill (
6. Penny Betts (
7. Mandeep Chana (
8. Harminder Singh (
9. Kelly Rowe Schweitzer (
10. Cassidy Slockett (
11. Aron Frost (

Dear Nominees, please find below the questions you got to answer in your respective posts:

1. What made you a Blogger?
2. An Ice-Cream; on a Summer or a Winter Day? And Why?
3. What part of this world do you Wish to Travel at first in your future? And Why?
4. A New Life / Birth is also an End. How?
5. What quality in you, you feel, got you Nominated for this Award? (I assure I am going to Agree / Disagree with your Answer(s) in the comment section of your respective post(s))
6. A Blessing! Mention any five kinds of blessings we generally pray for "others".
7. What do you prefer? A Four-wheeler or a Two-wheeler on a Rainy / Cold day? And Why?
8. Share that one situation when you would do anything but, Write.
9. An Apartment or a 5-Star Holiday on a Vacation?
10. Wooah! Share an Experience which made you felt like this. (A Banana ride in Goa (India) made me feel like this, considering "deep water" is my biggest fear)
11. Did you google anything to frame any of your answers for the questions given above? If Yes, for which question and why?

Heartily Congratulations to all those who have been nominated to join the race to win this Award! 

Please follow this Link to know all about the Procedure & Rules to be followed to Accept the aforesaid Nomination.

Before closing this post, I would love to Thank Preeti Gaur once again, who has given me this opportunity and recognized my work.

Best Wishes to all the fellow Nominees!

Good Luck to all those who aspire to give more to this platform by their writing skills! One fine day, we all will make something nice out of all the efforts we put in.

Those who wish to know anything else, or those who have their own Blogs, please share your URLs in the comment section, I would love to respond and visit your talent ☺

Many Thanks!