About I, Me, Myself

I'm a Company Secretary by Profession, born in Delhi - India in 1986. I have been fond of writing from an early age but, it's very recent that I have started exploring my writing skills for public at large. 

Through this blog, I intend to share relationships goals, issues, experiences, etc. Sharing is Caring after all!

10 Fun Facts about Me:

1. I am happily married, and have a daughter!
2. I'm fun-loving, and like to travel a lot!
3. My pals mostly accuse me for stretching conversations...LOL!
4. I'm a die hard fan of Google!
5. I have a weakness for Hot-choclate Fudge!
6. I can't see anybody crying before me!
7. My daughter is the apple of my eyes, and I'm my husband's... winks!
8. Switzerland is the most beautiful Country I've been to!
9. Deep water is my biggest fear but, I still want to experience under-water diving!
10. I'm a good cook by chance... winks!

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