Tuesday 27 February 2018

Shades of Destiny - Based on a True Story! (Part - 1)

Whenever, we talk about February, the one thing which certainly comes to our mind is the "Valentines' Week". I so wanted to share this beautiful story of two of my very own friends early this month but, things kept me tied-up. But, as they say, it's never too late! Ofcourse, we don't need to specify a day to share "Love".

So, Aariya was eagerly waiting to find a job. 

After receiving her Lawyer's degree recently, she couldn't wait to work. After all, this was all, she dreamt of, while studying all these years long.

Aariya had continued her studies after University against her mom's intent; her mom wanted her to get married little early in life. But, as almost all other "little daughters of fathers"; Aariya too had her Dad's support so, she managed her Mom with a positive attitude, and gave her Mom all the "Good Hopes" of herself getting married once, she gets her first job after completing her studies.

"Hello, is that Mr. Mehra?", she asked on the phone as she made another move to find a job. It had already been four months since, Aariya got her Law degree but, even after trying for jobs and giving interviews at far away places; she was not able to crack any. May be she hadn't been good enough in those ones or, may be destiny sometimes have something else in store for us which, we don't see until, the right time comes.

"Yes! Who's this?", the person on the other end responded. She told him that she got his number from a friend who had posted a vacancy on a social network for the designation of Assistant Manager in his organization. But, Mr. Mehra asked again,  "Who's this? Please speak a little louder, your voice is already too soft." Aariya got a little upset on hearing such a statement from a stranger. She wondered if he actually didn't hear her. She wondered if she really wanted this job even if she's selected. She had to finish this conversation so she continued, and mentioned the whole thing again, in a louder and firmer voice this time.

"Please share your CV on my email address, and you can call me by my first name, Sanchit.", Mr. Mehra said.  

At every question which came from Sanchit; made her feel that he is trying to become over-friendly but, she completely ignored. He asked, "Do you know Pallavi in your fraternity?" Aariya was astonished this time since she knew this girl, and spontaneously replied with a question, "Yes! How do you know her?" Pallavi came out to be their common friend but, Aariya lost interest in the conversation soon since, she was more concerned about getting a suitable job than "Finding Nemo" through such telecon(s).

She shared the CV, and got the Interview Call. Apparently, she knew that she is going to get this call but,  she was less interested in this job now; since, she expected people to be more professional in Law Firms. She even shared this incident with another friend who was also looking for a similar job, and both of them ended up applying for the same job in Sanchit's organization for the sake of experiencing another round of interview. 

Sanchit asked the two to come for the interview, and it went well for both but, Aariya got the selection call. She was glad that finally, she made it somewhere but, she took the job with a heavy mind thinking, she'll have to face Mr. Mehra (Sanchit) everyday. She felt things to be fishy somehow although, she didn't even meet him on the interview day.

On her first day at office, she met Sanchit. Lean and tall, he looked average in his cream pants and black shirt. He seemed more shy than how friendly he was, on phone. Aariya was glad with the fact that he looked kind of reserved. But, she could sense that, he was trying to have a conversation with her, every now and then.

On a later day...

By the time when, she became quite comfortable with him (being colleagues), Sanchit told her absurdly that; he had seen her Facebook profile only a day ago when, she had called him for the first time for this job. He even told her that, on finding Pallavi to be the only mutual friend; he had asked her if, Aariya is seeing someone. 

She was startled at the coincidence, he mentioned. 

But, she wanted all the reasons to avoid him now. The doubts she once had, about Mr. Mehra, were actually becoming True. 

To Be Continued...

PS:  Aariya and Sanchit are married (Happily) for the last seven years!