Monday 4 September 2017

Dostana! #FriendshipGoals #LongDistances #UnderstandingistheEssence #PagalpantibhiZarurihai

So this one is again on Demand... from two very own Idiots!

There is no one who doesn't have any friends. Some find friends in their cousins while others find those true faces in outside world. It is not the game of blood; but connection. One common thing is, these friendships become inevitable.

When I think of any of my friends, I instantly feel the urge to see them, since each of them is such a character who make me go insane over sane things, each one of them can make me laugh even when I am in tears, like literally... LOL! But yeah! each friendship has its own beauty because we share different wavelength with each of them.

Recently, while sharing another such funny moment with two such crazy people in my life, they asked me to write something about us; three of us; Soniya aka Googli, Neha aka Woogli and Megha aka Wuksh. Well, my darlings, you both have to accept that I can't mug our insanity up in a post! You both make me ponder, Ajeeb you are no Wonder... LOL! 

The friendship that we three share, is one of a kind, and yeah, I have mentioned the real names here, lemme just flaunt these two for a while... wink wink!

So, we three belong to one profession and Neha was the common thing until we three became partners in crime. Neha is the most when it comes to being naughty and adorable. Megha is the most when it comes to being crazy and pretty, and I guess, I am the most when it comes to googling things and so is my nickie, Googli...! LOL!

It's not that we have been together since always, we have also faced peaks and valleys in this insane journey but, what remained constant is; our love for each other. We have laughed off at emotional flicks like, "We are Family", made the most out of movies on friendship, like "Cocktail", birthdays get-together(s) were never so fun, well "fun" is not the right word when we actually had blast... winks!

Surprise visits to each others' places and then forcing each other to cook or order, leading to three cups of beaten coffee and world's best maggi(s) (Neha, the most genuine credit goes to you here, for not cooking anything anytime...LOL!). Shopping is so much fun when, you don't select stuff for yourself but, for each other, and then ending-up buying same things most of the times.

Calling names to each other out of love and getting crazy over each other's joys like it were yours only; making the most out of each other's strengths and supporting each other's weaknesses; sharing almost everything inspite of getting laughter in response on each other's stupidity... LOL! 

This is one friendship where I can still feel and behave childish even after becoming a mother, and I guess this is the beauty of the bond we three share. When I started writing this post, I had thought I am gonna rock it by mentioning this and that about our good times but, now I realize, there are some companionships which cannot be put down in words exactly the way it is, because it has no shape. It goes with the flow, it takes its own new shape in every new phase keeping it's beauty intact.

You may see it as a source of laughter from outside but what grows inside this bond is; understanding, love, craziness, right to speak your heart out, right to insult each other while the other takes it in good spirit, and a source of fun where a simple incident is also narrated as a BREAKING NEWS... LOL!

Endless conference calls we made, and still make whenever it is possible inbetween our busy schedules. Thanks to "Whatsapp" which made it possible to have every conversation in written conferences in form of "Groups"; ours is named as "3 Idiots" which absolutely goes with the essence... LOL!

We don't only support each other in hard times but also, learn from each other's shortcomings so that we don't make the same mistakes in our lives. But, this beautiful bond was not a cake-walk!

We three have been at different places in our own lives at one point or the other. There were times when, we weren't even aware about well-beings of each other. It is said, "A person is never busy; it is all about priorities", and people have always considered this "negative" because people understand its meaning as, "I am not important for someone if that someone doesn't prioritize me". But, what they don't understand is that, "if you are not a priority for someone at one given point of time, it is not necessary that you are not important at all". Yes, it is all about priorities because sometimes you have more important relationships to take care of; sometimes your family, sometimes your children, and sometimes your other friends. I don't remember if any of us have ever explained why it was more important to disconnect a call/long-distance call inbetween on a particular day, we just assume that it must be something more important and unavoidable.   

These "3 Idiots" have also made mistakes, and fought and have overcome the misunderstandings and the distance(s), and the rejuvenated bond is shining like A Beautiful Rainbow. 

Now, two of us are residing in two corners of Capital of India, and third has found her way off to States after wedding but still we manage to intersect at one serene place called "FRIENDSHIP".

Ya! Ya! I Love you "two" too gurrls...! ☺

PS: True Friendships survive everything because, it understands the unsaid...!

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