Wednesday 10 October 2018

The "Palat" moment...!

Sometimes, you just live for a moment, for those smiling eyes shining at you, which you know would be needed for rest of the day...

Namit always waited, and stood right there at the gate until those eyes vanished, in the hope that those eyes will turn, and would look back at him with a smile... (just like Shahrukh's popular dialogue "Palat... Palat..." in DDLJ, and Kajol turns around the 3rd time with a bright smile.)

"Love" has its own ways to make you anxious... 

Ofcourse, he did get his part of love and cuddle in the second inning of the day when he was back home in evenings but, the mornings always left him with "An Unfulfilled Hope" in his heart.

He'd overcome everyday thinking that, he'd get an expression in return but, a day could be heavier, and sometimes it is harder to handle difficulties on a particular day. Namit had lost the love of his life; his wife two years ago in an accident but, he didn't quit on looking at her photograph before leaving for office on any single day...

Though, he was still trying to come up with a normal routine but, whenever he had a bad day; he'd feel even more depressed, and remembered sharing everything with his wife. But, he never let it reflect on his face and kept smiling for the sake of his four years old daughter, Nitya who had just started her primary school few months ago. 

One day, Namit came back very late from work; all exhausted and tired, with a heavy heart since, all his hard-work went unnoticed while, some others got rewarded for a project he was handling for the last few months. True that when you've had a bad day, it is bad from every sense, and you won't find anything good during such a day inspite of being an Optimist otherwise. Namit was an hour late that day so, his daughter had already gone to bed. He felt bad when Nitya's care-taker told him while leaving that she felt Nitya wanted to talk to him about something important. He too soon fell asleep thinking that he couldn't even spend anytime with his daughter the whole day. 

Like any other day, he woke up early next day in the morning when Nitya's care-taker rang the door bell. She used to stay at home during the day; would pick Nitya from school, cook dinner, and would leave as soon as Namit was home in evening. Like any other day, the care-taker packed lunch for them, and Namit dressed-up Nitya for school. He tied her pony while the little one finished the glass of milk. He tied his shoe-laces and asked her daughter to get down from bed and switch off the TV to which she refused as the little princess didn't want to miss a second of the "Peppa Pig" episode she was watching. Namit picked-up their respective bags, and looked in the mirror as he combed his hair quickly. As he opened the main gate, he came back to his room, and sprayed a little of his wife's perfume on his collar...

...and finally closed the door while looking at his wife's photograph lying on the show-case. How he wished to spend his life with her forever and ever...!

He grabbed his daughter's hand so that he could pull her to walk little quicker so that they don't get late for school. It was everyday's routine. Namit didn't find time to re-think about the sadness from the previous day. They both reached his daughter's school, and he hurriedly hanged his daughter's bag on her back, and asked her to go to class while he patted a soft kiss on her left cheek. Like everyday, he stood there while his daughter started walking towards her class but that day, he saw a hand waving at him from a distance with those eyes shining at him...

...It was Nitya!

He couldn't resist spreading his arms for her, and she came back running and hugged him tightly. She told him in a soft voice, "Daddy, seems you came late last night, and we couldn't talk. I just wanted to remind you that Momy's birthday is coming so where are we going for our treat?"

Namit was almost about to shed tears. How he waited there everyday for this single moment when his daughter would look back at him and bid morning good-bye with a smile. He had to struggle clearing his throat, as the emotions emerged him. He told Nitya, "Daddy has planned that already, my princess". 

He didn't want anything else after this...he knew he could overcome anything when his second love; his daughter is there with him.

PS: We don't give birth to Children but, to our own self who complete our happiness when we're not able to help ourselves !