Sunday 9 April 2023

Love always finds its Way !

"Good Morning!", she wished him with a smile while she crossed his office. 

She reached her desk, grabbed the chair and sat there wondering if she would ever be able to stop by and talk to him. She then went to his empty chat window on Whatsapp to check his DP which he had not changed over the past two months since she had taken his number from official records without his knowledge. It was her everyday routine since then, to open his DP and stare at his hypnotic face until something or somebody interrupted her. Being in different work profiles, she had nothing official to go up to him. So she would wait for the opportunities when he had one or the other work from her department. Eventually, due to some general interactions between them, they had started wishing each other, "Hello", "Good Morning" or just a formal "Bye" towards end of the day. Shubham would generally add Ma'am with her name while greeting which always used to send chills down her spine. 

All she used to do apart from the inevitable assignments, was to wonder whether he also thinks about her or not. Whenever she was up for lunch, she would pray to see him around but they had no common friends/colleagues to talk to and their lunch timing was quite different so she never found a chance to have lunch around him. Disappointed from the situation, she started having lunch at her own seat rather than going to employees' cafeteria. Hence, even lesser chances for them to cross each other during any day. She did this thinking she would be able to overcome her thoughts but the poor soul, Anshika hardly knew anything about Love

Days & Months passed, and the work-life became quite hectic for both of them as the company grew. But it was a sheer surprise to her that she has not been able to avoid thinking about one person in this world in her given circumstances and even after how hard she has been trying. He had become the only face she remembered after leaving office in the evenings. Although he also exchanged smiles with her whenever they crossed each other but he was such a renowned personality in the company that it was difficult to reach him for personal attention. 

She had seen an abusive childhood and a number of unsuccessful marriages so she always thought that she will only go for a love marriage since she thought that lack of love was the only reason for any relationship to be unsuccessful. She made many friends - offline & online, males & females but mostly she used to adjust according to the needs of the people around her as she feared losing people who loved her but she did not know that one does not need to change when there is love, may it be friendship, a love affair or relatives. 

What made her ponder was the fact that she had never have such intense feeling for anybody in her whole life inspite of being in a joint family, having many friends, a love affair which did not work out as she was cheated upon followed by another love affair which turned out to be the marriage she was in today.

Twelve years of her marriage meant nothing today. She used to try and remember atleast one single time when she might have felt for her husband like this or a single time when her husband's presence made her feel so divine. She could not recall a single moment!

Yes! Anshika was scared about her own feelings for Shubham because she was married.

...To be continued.

PS: Love comes when you least expect it. That's why people call it falling in love. You cannot learn to fall, nor do you even plan to. You just happen to fall.