Wednesday 27 February 2019


"Hello", I said as I took the call from a landline number while picking my stilettos from the shoe rack. It was sharp 8:30 AM, and the call was a reminder from the Diagnostic Centre for my appointment at 9:00 AM. I had been facing strain around spinal cord for sometime now so, the doctor had advised me to undergo some tests including Vitamin D and Calcium. As soon as I disconnected the call, I was literally running around the house to grab my stuff. Though, I wasn't late but I knew that my late lateef husband would just not speed-up until I stand right there all ready to step out of the house. He had offered to accompany me to the diagnostic centre and then in the metro that we usually take when he has to visit to any client in my office direction.

Finally... there he stood... all set in a blue color corporate suit with a crisp white shirt!!!

As soon as we stepped out of the door, I asked him, "Where is she?", to which he delightedly replied, "Same place!". I was quite relieved as it meant that, I wouldn't have to walk much in those 3.5 inch heels. The moment we reached my daughter's school gate, my husband asked in a confused tone, "Where is she?", which sent a chill through my spine freezing any rush of blood in my veins.

For a moment, there was no strain or pain... I remember, I had a similar feeling when he & me had figured out our loss of passports in the middle of a road in Venice.

Still I collected all my strength, and told him that she must be here only, and that he might have left her somewhere else but, he swore on our daughter, and I had to believe him. But, I found it tough to swallow the lump in my throat... How I wished it to be a Dream! 

He was still looking around in the hope that he might be wrong, and I was looking at him as I could never even imagine us without her since she arrived. I never imagined us wondering again in the middle of a road for another loss.

Two years ago, we had visited the nearest Honda outlet to book a middle segment car but we ended up booking a Honda City ivtec. I know it might not sound like a big thing to a lot of you but, we were quite excited to bring this beauty to our home. I remember how difficult it was for us to choose among the available colours, and we finalized the Golden Brown. My husband was always extra careful and possessive about her, and never forgot to carry the car papers with him at the end of the day.

But today, inspite of all those security measures - digital and manual, someone or may be more than one of those with no heart but only brains... had taken her...

our Car was gone...! 

Though, it was understood that the next steps were filing of FIR followed by filing insurance claim but, we also visited the Pradhan of our colony for his help to avail the footage of CCTV Cameras which were installed facing inside as well as outside the walls of the school adjacent to which we used to park our car. My husband called the PCR and visited the nearest Police Station with them to file the FIR as the school administration allotted a later time to visit them. I called TATA AIG Insurance Claim section to register our case and the concerned person told that the officer will visit us within 48 hours for further investigation and documentation.

The school administration cooperated well, and gave us all the CCTV recordings. Though we wanted to know the Untold Trail about what had happened; I prayed that we don't get to see it or the winter fog overtakes the view. But you can't turn the tables on a Bad Day! No CCTV wire was cut-off during the incidence, and we saw it all...

She got frightened but, they banged and broke the front seat Glass...
She tried to hurt them but, they wiped the glass edges with a Scarf...! 
She shouted & blinked lights but, they did something that she lost her Voice...
She hesitated further but, they slit the Gear Lock system sure in Rejoice...!
She refused to start But, they did something through the Bonnet...!
She knew now she's Taken, as they turned on Ignition...!

PS: If everything happens for a reason; it has to be Too Good this time :-)


  1. Be assured of your last line, Everything happens for Good...

  2. Oh!! Indeed Everything happens for a reason assured.