Monday 3 April 2017

What made me a Blogger!

Writing has only been an Interest for me, which I always persisted just to make my special ones feel special. To my surprise, they noticed that I have some good writing skills. I was always told by my near ones that they get moved by what I write for them. And, I only believed that they felt so, because I always wrote what I actually felt for them since, Truth is always more exciting when it comes to emotions like; love, care & respect. So, I always ignored what they said.

Well well well... I was like, Noooo!!! If you want me to write Blogs now, then that'll be the least what I would want to do. 

Days passed...
And whenever I came across any blog, or I read anything on social networking, it did something to my inner-self. I still can't find a suitable word for that feeling which just made me felt like writing something, literally anything, for people. I felt its just writing about/for our own people. 

But, I had always ignored the suggestions which I got from my very own people. I had literally followed the saying; suno sabki, karo apne mann ki!!! Trust me, following anything blindly can be hazardous. 

So, I finally collected some strength and called my sweet sister-in-law and asked her about someone whom she had suggested to me to discuss about writing blogs. I took his number and didn't save for 3 or 4 days because I still had a tiny doubt about blogging. Well, after a few days, I opened my whats app chat with my sweet sister-in-law, and selected the number, and... number copied > pasted on dial pad > clicked + > create new contact > first name > save, and there goes that number in my phone-book.

I opened my phone-book a number of times, and thought of calling him but, never called. Few days passed... I still remember, I was on my way to a Mall for shopping, little pissed off by the traffic jam... and... happened something, which you may call "a Miracle", "a Sign", "that Push", "that belief".


I had my mobile network switched on, and my phone beeped... I, at first, read the message which said, "how are you", and then I looked at the sender's name. I was spine shocked!!! It was the one, the one who was supposed to guide me for blogging, the one who could guide me only when I would have initiated to call him, the one whom I hadn't called or messaged or met or had seen until now. My mind honked, "how is it possible, just how?"

Trust me guys, I couldn't recollect myself for a moment, and then the first thing I did was; I messaged my sweet sister-in-law to ask if she had a word with him about me. What would you anyway think in such a situation? 

I somewhere knew her answer but I prayed to be proved wrong but no, she hadn't have a single word with him. 

I, then, messaged him politely: (here goes the strangest conversation)

Me: Hi Sir! How do you have my number?
Him: I don't know but it was saved.
Him: So, I messaged.
Me: Oh! Actually sir, I am an Associate Member of ICSI and I took your number from my sister-in-law, she had attended one of your session in her training period.
Me: I was about to call you in a day or two for some guidance on writing blogs.
Me: I'll call you tomorrow.
Him: No problem! Anytime. 
Me: Thank you Sir!
Him: No need.
Me: :-)

Well... let me tell you guys, that I am a Member of ICSI, a Company Secretary for the last 6 years. I have also done my Masters in Finance.

So, coming back to the strangest conversation... yes, it was strangest, because the person who messaged me at first place, was not known to me by anyway. How did he have my number in his phonebook? Even if I believe, that I gave him my number in any other training session and forgot, then, why did he message at the time when I wanted to call him on my own but procrastinated. 

Guys... I don't know what it was, what the truth was, but, I just know, that this incident made me believe that this is the right time... start writing babe!" And... I did. 

PS: First Blog being a Blogger :-)


  1. Aww so well written n expressed that through out it didn't feel like I was reading something...felt more like I was sitting n actually listening to your narration. Could feel imagine n understand each n every expression of yours. Something that comes straight from heart, does pull everybody's heart mind n soul. You win me as a true reader for all of your upcoming blogs. Will look forward for more to come. All the best with this new venture. Best wishes xx

    1. Thanks for giving your time! Glad that you liked :-)