Sunday 9 April 2023

Love always finds its Way !

"Good Morning!", she wished him with a smile while she crossed his office. 

She reached her desk, grabbed the chair and sat there wondering if she would ever be able to stop by and talk to him. She then went to his empty chat window on Whatsapp to check his DP which he had not changed over the past two months since she had taken his number from official records without his knowledge. It was her everyday routine since then, to open his DP and stare at his hypnotic face until something or somebody interrupted her. Being in different work profiles, she had nothing official to go up to him. So she would wait for the opportunities when he had one or the other work from her department. Eventually, due to some general interactions between them, they had started wishing each other, "Hello", "Good Morning" or just a formal "Bye" towards end of the day. Shubham would generally add Ma'am with her name while greeting which always used to send chills down her spine. 

All she used to do apart from the inevitable assignments, was to wonder whether he also thinks about her or not. Whenever she was up for lunch, she would pray to see him around but they had no common friends/colleagues to talk to and their lunch timing was quite different so she never found a chance to have lunch around him. Disappointed from the situation, she started having lunch at her own seat rather than going to employees' cafeteria. Hence, even lesser chances for them to cross each other during any day. She did this thinking she would be able to overcome her thoughts but the poor soul, Anshika hardly knew anything about Love

Days & Months passed, and the work-life became quite hectic for both of them as the company grew. But it was a sheer surprise to her that she has not been able to avoid thinking about one person in this world in her given circumstances and even after how hard she has been trying. He had become the only face she remembered after leaving office in the evenings. Although he also exchanged smiles with her whenever they crossed each other but he was such a renowned personality in the company that it was difficult to reach him for personal attention. 

She had seen an abusive childhood and a number of unsuccessful marriages so she always thought that she will only go for a love marriage since she thought that lack of love was the only reason for any relationship to be unsuccessful. She made many friends - offline & online, males & females but mostly she used to adjust according to the needs of the people around her as she feared losing people who loved her but she did not know that one does not need to change when there is love, may it be friendship, a love affair or relatives. 

What made her ponder was the fact that she had never have such intense feeling for anybody in her whole life inspite of being in a joint family, having many friends, a love affair which did not work out as she was cheated upon followed by another love affair which turned out to be the marriage she was in today.

Twelve years of her marriage meant nothing today. She used to try and remember atleast one single time when she might have felt for her husband like this or a single time when her husband's presence made her feel so divine. She could not recall a single moment!

Yes! Anshika was scared about her own feelings for Shubham because she was married.

...To be continued.

PS: Love comes when you least expect it. That's why people call it falling in love. You cannot learn to fall, nor do you even plan to. You just happen to fall.

Wednesday 27 February 2019


"Hello", I said as I took the call from a landline number while picking my stilettos from the shoe rack. It was sharp 8:30 AM, and the call was a reminder from the Diagnostic Centre for my appointment at 9:00 AM. I had been facing strain around spinal cord for sometime now so, the doctor had advised me to undergo some tests including Vitamin D and Calcium. As soon as I disconnected the call, I was literally running around the house to grab my stuff. Though, I wasn't late but I knew that my late lateef husband would just not speed-up until I stand right there all ready to step out of the house. He had offered to accompany me to the diagnostic centre and then in the metro that we usually take when he has to visit to any client in my office direction.

Finally... there he stood... all set in a blue color corporate suit with a crisp white shirt!!!

As soon as we stepped out of the door, I asked him, "Where is she?", to which he delightedly replied, "Same place!". I was quite relieved as it meant that, I wouldn't have to walk much in those 3.5 inch heels. The moment we reached my daughter's school gate, my husband asked in a confused tone, "Where is she?", which sent a chill through my spine freezing any rush of blood in my veins.

For a moment, there was no strain or pain... I remember, I had a similar feeling when he & me had figured out our loss of passports in the middle of a road in Venice.

Still I collected all my strength, and told him that she must be here only, and that he might have left her somewhere else but, he swore on our daughter, and I had to believe him. But, I found it tough to swallow the lump in my throat... How I wished it to be a Dream! 

He was still looking around in the hope that he might be wrong, and I was looking at him as I could never even imagine us without her since she arrived. I never imagined us wondering again in the middle of a road for another loss.

Two years ago, we had visited the nearest Honda outlet to book a middle segment car but we ended up booking a Honda City ivtec. I know it might not sound like a big thing to a lot of you but, we were quite excited to bring this beauty to our home. I remember how difficult it was for us to choose among the available colours, and we finalized the Golden Brown. My husband was always extra careful and possessive about her, and never forgot to carry the car papers with him at the end of the day.

But today, inspite of all those security measures - digital and manual, someone or may be more than one of those with no heart but only brains... had taken her...

our Car was gone...! 

Though, it was understood that the next steps were filing of FIR followed by filing insurance claim but, we also visited the Pradhan of our colony for his help to avail the footage of CCTV Cameras which were installed facing inside as well as outside the walls of the school adjacent to which we used to park our car. My husband called the PCR and visited the nearest Police Station with them to file the FIR as the school administration allotted a later time to visit them. I called TATA AIG Insurance Claim section to register our case and the concerned person told that the officer will visit us within 48 hours for further investigation and documentation.

The school administration cooperated well, and gave us all the CCTV recordings. Though we wanted to know the Untold Trail about what had happened; I prayed that we don't get to see it or the winter fog overtakes the view. But you can't turn the tables on a Bad Day! No CCTV wire was cut-off during the incidence, and we saw it all...

She got frightened but, they banged and broke the front seat Glass...
She tried to hurt them but, they wiped the glass edges with a Scarf...! 
She shouted & blinked lights but, they did something that she lost her Voice...
She hesitated further but, they slit the Gear Lock system sure in Rejoice...!
She refused to start But, they did something through the Bonnet...!
She knew now she's Taken, as they turned on Ignition...!

PS: If everything happens for a reason; it has to be Too Good this time :-)

Wednesday 10 October 2018

The "Palat" moment...!

Sometimes, you just live for a moment, for those smiling eyes shining at you, which you know would be needed for rest of the day...

Namit always waited, and stood right there at the gate until those eyes vanished, in the hope that those eyes will turn, and would look back at him with a smile... (just like Shahrukh's popular dialogue "Palat... Palat..." in DDLJ, and Kajol turns around the 3rd time with a bright smile.)

"Love" has its own ways to make you anxious... 

Ofcourse, he did get his part of love and cuddle in the second inning of the day when he was back home in evenings but, the mornings always left him with "An Unfulfilled Hope" in his heart.

He'd overcome everyday thinking that, he'd get an expression in return but, a day could be heavier, and sometimes it is harder to handle difficulties on a particular day. Namit had lost the love of his life; his wife two years ago in an accident but, he didn't quit on looking at her photograph before leaving for office on any single day...

Though, he was still trying to come up with a normal routine but, whenever he had a bad day; he'd feel even more depressed, and remembered sharing everything with his wife. But, he never let it reflect on his face and kept smiling for the sake of his four years old daughter, Nitya who had just started her primary school few months ago. 

One day, Namit came back very late from work; all exhausted and tired, with a heavy heart since, all his hard-work went unnoticed while, some others got rewarded for a project he was handling for the last few months. True that when you've had a bad day, it is bad from every sense, and you won't find anything good during such a day inspite of being an Optimist otherwise. Namit was an hour late that day so, his daughter had already gone to bed. He felt bad when Nitya's care-taker told him while leaving that she felt Nitya wanted to talk to him about something important. He too soon fell asleep thinking that he couldn't even spend anytime with his daughter the whole day. 

Like any other day, he woke up early next day in the morning when Nitya's care-taker rang the door bell. She used to stay at home during the day; would pick Nitya from school, cook dinner, and would leave as soon as Namit was home in evening. Like any other day, the care-taker packed lunch for them, and Namit dressed-up Nitya for school. He tied her pony while the little one finished the glass of milk. He tied his shoe-laces and asked her daughter to get down from bed and switch off the TV to which she refused as the little princess didn't want to miss a second of the "Peppa Pig" episode she was watching. Namit picked-up their respective bags, and looked in the mirror as he combed his hair quickly. As he opened the main gate, he came back to his room, and sprayed a little of his wife's perfume on his collar...

...and finally closed the door while looking at his wife's photograph lying on the show-case. How he wished to spend his life with her forever and ever...!

He grabbed his daughter's hand so that he could pull her to walk little quicker so that they don't get late for school. It was everyday's routine. Namit didn't find time to re-think about the sadness from the previous day. They both reached his daughter's school, and he hurriedly hanged his daughter's bag on her back, and asked her to go to class while he patted a soft kiss on her left cheek. Like everyday, he stood there while his daughter started walking towards her class but that day, he saw a hand waving at him from a distance with those eyes shining at him...

...It was Nitya!

He couldn't resist spreading his arms for her, and she came back running and hugged him tightly. She told him in a soft voice, "Daddy, seems you came late last night, and we couldn't talk. I just wanted to remind you that Momy's birthday is coming so where are we going for our treat?"

Namit was almost about to shed tears. How he waited there everyday for this single moment when his daughter would look back at him and bid morning good-bye with a smile. He had to struggle clearing his throat, as the emotions emerged him. He told Nitya, "Daddy has planned that already, my princess". 

He didn't want anything else after this...he knew he could overcome anything when his second love; his daughter is there with him.

PS: We don't give birth to Children but, to our own self who complete our happiness when we're not able to help ourselves !

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Shades of Destiny - Based on a True Story! (Part - 2)


Now, she was sure of the fact that Mr. Sanchit Mehra was way more interested in her than what she had thought of.

Almighty really plays His cards well... sometimes, an ignored one becomes the most vital part of our life. In the beginning, Aariya ignored Sanchit completely. She wanted to prove it to him that she's a tough one but eventually, she started liking the unnecessary attention from him. 

She wondered how weird it is to fall for someone who hardly does any worldly things. The most important fact about this boy - Sanchit was; his respect towards females, and which girl on this planet won't like this trait in a male. But, Aariya was trying to ignore her feelings; possibly in the fear of getting distracted in the phase of life when she was trying to settle her career before her parents married her away.

She spilled her heart out before a friend; the one who had given interview with her. According to her friend, Aariya was being unkind to a person who actually seemed being in Love with her. Later on, Aariya's friend and Sanchit started talking on social platforms which made Aariya little uncomfortable but, she could sense that her friend was doing this intentionally to make Aariya feel insecure so, she didn't react for a couple of days.

But... who has been able to hide this feeling which is initially just considered unreal. Inspite of sensing everything, Aariya was not at all at ease anymore...

One fine day, she ended up asking her friend, "Why do you guys talk at all? Don't you see that he has started trying to impress you since, he is fed up of running after me?" There was a sense of jealousy in her voice which she didn't want to express but her friend understood, and this was what Aariya's friend wanted to feel once, before concluding them to be "two persons who could be one happy couple". 

Aariya's friend shared some screenshots of the chats she had with Sanchit

It was all full of Aariya, about Aariya, and for Aariya..

Aariya didn't know that Sanchit is even noticing her tiny jhumkas and kolhapuri slippers which she sometimes wear to compliment her patiala suits. She didn't know that Sanchit is secretly asking her friend whether it's Aariya or someone else in her family who makes such delicious Aloo Parathas which she brings for Lunch at times, and etc. etc.

There was a rush of emotions in Aariya's blood after going through the screenshots. She realized that she is being rude to the person who may be someone who we look for; throughout our life. All these years, even Aariya had prayed to be blessed with a kind of soul-mate, and now she was overlooking the love which God had blessed her with. She was numb for a while... 

...A tear rolled down her left cheek... as she disconnected her friend's call without responding.

Until now, she only wondered; how could a man impress her so conveniently but, the truth was that; he actually had impressed her with no inconvenience. May be that's the beauty of Love - which is initially considered unreal

Love doesn't need show-off everytime but, it does need the realization... which Aariya had now. 

She started smiling to Sanchit at their first eye contact in the morning everyday, and kept looking at the entrance door until he reached office. She wanted to wear patialas and kolhapuris almost everyday now. She didn't tell Sanchit but, she started bringing extra meals and offered him in ways for him not to figure out but, Sanchit was in Love with her since much before... so, how could he not notice the change in Aariya's behavior towards him.

The official SMS turned into informal whatsapp conversations... and in no time; these two knew almost everything about each other. 

Eventually, when Aariya couldn't keep her parents on hold anymore, she told this to Sanchit which made him all the more insecure. He didn't wait for any more time, and proposed Aariya to be with him Forever in the beautiful bond called Marriage.

Aariya and Sanchit were married happily and conveniently!

PS: Love will find a way! Love is not always tough, it could simply be "Love" sometimes; it could simply be your "Destiny"; it could simply be the "Magic" in your Life, and it could simply remain unaffected with the passage of time!

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Shades of Destiny - Based on a True Story! (Part - 1)

Whenever, we talk about February, the one thing which certainly comes to our mind is the "Valentines' Week". I so wanted to share this beautiful story of two of my very own friends early this month but, things kept me tied-up. But, as they say, it's never too late! Ofcourse, we don't need to specify a day to share "Love".

So, Aariya was eagerly waiting to find a job. 

After receiving her Lawyer's degree recently, she couldn't wait to work. After all, this was all, she dreamt of, while studying all these years long.

Aariya had continued her studies after University against her mom's intent; her mom wanted her to get married little early in life. But, as almost all other "little daughters of fathers"; Aariya too had her Dad's support so, she managed her Mom with a positive attitude, and gave her Mom all the "Good Hopes" of herself getting married once, she gets her first job after completing her studies.

"Hello, is that Mr. Mehra?", she asked on the phone as she made another move to find a job. It had already been four months since, Aariya got her Law degree but, even after trying for jobs and giving interviews at far away places; she was not able to crack any. May be she hadn't been good enough in those ones or, may be destiny sometimes have something else in store for us which, we don't see until, the right time comes.

"Yes! Who's this?", the person on the other end responded. She told him that she got his number from a friend who had posted a vacancy on a social network for the designation of Assistant Manager in his organization. But, Mr. Mehra asked again,  "Who's this? Please speak a little louder, your voice is already too soft." Aariya got a little upset on hearing such a statement from a stranger. She wondered if he actually didn't hear her. She wondered if she really wanted this job even if she's selected. She had to finish this conversation so she continued, and mentioned the whole thing again, in a louder and firmer voice this time.

"Please share your CV on my email address, and you can call me by my first name, Sanchit.", Mr. Mehra said.  

At every question which came from Sanchit; made her feel that he is trying to become over-friendly but, she completely ignored. He asked, "Do you know Pallavi in your fraternity?" Aariya was astonished this time since she knew this girl, and spontaneously replied with a question, "Yes! How do you know her?" Pallavi came out to be their common friend but, Aariya lost interest in the conversation soon since, she was more concerned about getting a suitable job than "Finding Nemo" through such telecon(s).

She shared the CV, and got the Interview Call. Apparently, she knew that she is going to get this call but,  she was less interested in this job now; since, she expected people to be more professional in Law Firms. She even shared this incident with another friend who was also looking for a similar job, and both of them ended up applying for the same job in Sanchit's organization for the sake of experiencing another round of interview. 

Sanchit asked the two to come for the interview, and it went well for both but, Aariya got the selection call. She was glad that finally, she made it somewhere but, she took the job with a heavy mind thinking, she'll have to face Mr. Mehra (Sanchit) everyday. She felt things to be fishy somehow although, she didn't even meet him on the interview day.

On her first day at office, she met Sanchit. Lean and tall, he looked average in his cream pants and black shirt. He seemed more shy than how friendly he was, on phone. Aariya was glad with the fact that he looked kind of reserved. But, she could sense that, he was trying to have a conversation with her, every now and then.

On a later day...

By the time when, she became quite comfortable with him (being colleagues), Sanchit told her absurdly that; he had seen her Facebook profile only a day ago when, she had called him for the first time for this job. He even told her that, on finding Pallavi to be the only mutual friend; he had asked her if, Aariya is seeing someone. 

She was startled at the coincidence, he mentioned. 

But, she wanted all the reasons to avoid him now. The doubts she once had, about Mr. Mehra, were actually becoming True. 

To Be Continued...

PS:  Aariya and Sanchit are married (Happily) for the last seven years!

Saturday 13 January 2018

Daddyz are meant to be Admired - Always!

Nothing seems more special when it comes to "Him". We have mostly talked about Mothers and Motherhood but the truth is, your Mother & Father were born as your parents at the same time, and they are ageless. Their love is one constant emotion in everyone's life. May be because, mothers' love is talked about the most that's why, it seems unrealistically special when it comes to daddys'.
Sometimes, on a weekend day, when your life doesn't need a set routine, you are so engrossed in the Chapters of your Life that, neither you want to watch your favorite series, nor you wish to hang out. It was my dad's birthday few weeks ago, and I couldn't make my presence since, it was a weekday, and the unexpected workload showered like it always does when you least expect it, in-fact when you don't demand it at all. The day passed like any other busy day, and I could just make a call to my dad whom, I supposedly, love the most. Though, I made-up the loss on the following weekend but, it can never be compared to the celebrations done on the day of occasion itself. I feel nostalgic over the things which my dad has ever done, and still does for me. 

You do get occupied once, you are married. Sometimes, you even ignore calling your parents but, they don't. I remember, when I got married 3.5 years ago, I got so busy with my new family that, I hardly called them. There was a time when, I actually felt that I get to talk to Mom but, I hadn't heard dad for a long time. Then, you do every little thing to do away with your guilt. When I gave him the first call post my marriage, I realized, I was not even aware about his everyday routine. He had joined a health center, and used to wake-up @6 every morning. I was happy about him but, I felt sad that how did I not know about him. So, I started calling him more frequently, and it settled my guilt to some extent. 

True, that parents are loved the most but, there is one more truth that, we take them "for-granted" the most as well. We disconnect their call without answering, believing that they will understand that we are busy but, they don't disconnect our's when they are busy. Infact, we even forget to call them back sometimes but, they don't if they have missed our call by chance. 

I remember, during my university exams, if my mom used to ask me for tea/coffee during late night studies; my dad used to come and check, after every 30-45 minutes, if I was still studying. He never asked me to take a break and go to sleep. I know, it was his dream to seem me independent one day, and he looked the happiest when I had got my professional degree.  He still encourages me for every little assignment I take-up. Sometimes, when I have to go far for work, it seems difficult at first which I feel, is evident with a 1.5 year old toddler. But, I always get to manage my strength which is inculcated in me, by my dad. 

Today, I realize; the warmth & care we have, has surely been inherited from our Mothers' but, our Dads' have played a very special role in building us they way, we are. 

Whenever, my husband doesn't fulfill any of our daughter's wish, for her good, I can relate it to the times when I felt that, dad was insensitive towards me. Whenever, my husband wonders how do I not skip any dangerous ride in a theme park, I just smile! It is my dad who always pushed not to look away from difficulties. He has built my innerself everytime in one or, the other way.

The only good thing I see in myself which is built-in me by myself is; Nothing!
The only good thing, he forgot to teach me while raising me up is; Nothing!

Dear Daddy, you got me married to my "Prince" but, you'll always be my "King"!

PS: I Love you, Dad! 

Saturday 2 December 2017

Did Niharika cry it out or not? - Short Story

Hello Readers, 

Hope you are liking my Blog! Well, this post narrates a series of emotional experiences shared by a close friend, and I am genuinely touched with her Story. I have changed the Names since, she wanted to keep her identity hidden. So... Let's find out if Niharika cried it out or not...

Saying "yes" to mom-dad, for marriage, was a big deal for Niharika. They always asked her if she liked someone but, she could just say, "I don't want to get married at present", and they used to remain silent for another couple of days. 

Days & Months passed...

While Niharika's parents were eagerly waiting for her approval, she was getting even more worried about them. She wondered how her parents will manage once, she leaves the house forever since, she is the only one whom they look up to, after her elder sister got married far away in Seattle, USA.

"Should I start responding?", Niharika's father used to ask her, everytime he got a good marriage proposal for her. It's our "Mom" to whom we generally look up to but, she was more connected to her father, emotionally. So, there were times when he questioned her in those "father-daughter special bond" ways, and she always replied in a comforting tone, "Dad, I'll tell you when I'm ready.". Deep down in her heart she knew, it was not comforting for him at all.

One day, you have to get married! This thought haunted her all this while but, she knew how harsh this ritual of "getting married" will prove for her parents since, they will just be on their own after her marriage.

One thing, which she couldn't deny was, She had turned 29. Moreover, the fact that she's not ready to get married even at the age of 29, was troubling her parents more than anything else. 

We have seen people, especially in India, getting worried for their children getting married at the right age. But, will someone please tell me, what's the right age for getting married? It's different for everyone. On one hand, parents are actually concerned about the questions which people around them ask when, there is someone unmarried in the family who has attained the so-called minimum age for marriage, and on the other hand, these unmarried innocent children are, either not ready mentally, or are concerned about issues like Niharika was.

So, one fine day, she told her dad that she is ready to tie The Wedding Knot, and that he can start looking for suitable matches. Her dad looked radiant that day, and he must have shared this Big News with her Mom since, she was very cheerful the same day in evening.

Niharika was happy with the fact, that she was the reason behind their smiles today but, couldn't express the pain in her heart. She just cried in her quilt that night, thinking that she has finally decided to part with them... she just hoped to be happy post marriage so that, she doesn't prove to be a trouble for them in future.

But, things changed...

As she saw her parents' enthusiasm over her marriage, she was content that she could give them that sense of happiness. She started liking the conversations they had regarding the marriage proposals.

Finally, they found the match and Niharika got engaged after few informal meetings with Nishant. Courtship period has always been the Golden Journey for almost everyone. She was also enjoying being the center of attention. Nishant sounded wise and promising. So, Niharika was all set to start her new life with him. 

She was enough involved in the preparations for her upcoming life, and her parents' happiness. Niharika wanted to prove herself efficient enough like her Mom, and was expecting Nishant to be as supportive as her father. Indeed, we always see our parents as a benchmark for perfection!

The D-day arrived! Niharika's only sister and brother-in-law had come all the way from Seattle. Niharika was also living her day to the fullest, the only concern she had was; whether she'll cry it out or not! It's kind of a ritual or you can say a very obvious emotion you get to see at an Indian Wedding; Tears rolling down the bride's cheeks at the Vidaai Ceremony, and making the immediate family cry along. 

Niharika felt nervous while taking Pheras. She was happy that she was getting married but, she was wondering if she is going to be that exception who didn't cry while parting with her parents. Time was flying, and she couldn't do anything. The look on her parents' faces, was making her feel weak on her knees... She wanted to hug them right away, she wanted to tell them how much she loved them, she wanted to express how she hated this ritual, and that she wanted to cry but, She didn't.

The moment finally came when she had to leave her parents behind, like every other girl, and nurture her own family. Her heart felt heavy, it's just that her tears didn't roll down. Everyone present at the Ceremony hugged and blessed her. She patted her mother's back and whispered, "Don't worry Mom, I'll be fine", and turned around fearing she would lose it. Unlike earlier, she feared if she starts crying now, she won't be able to hold herself. 


As soon as, she was preparing to sit in the backseat of the car someone held her shoulder from behind. Niharika knew she was not strong enough to face this. She knew who it was! As, she turned around, and saw her dad crying... She lost it!

She hugged him, and cried it all out!

PS: Not all the people whom we leave behind, lose their significance in our lives! Some of them are loved like... Forever!