Tuesday 11 July 2017

Drive and Let Drive! #womendiaries

I was driving today when, at the end of a narrow road, when I was all ready to take a right turn through service lane, an another car came before mine. Neither, there was a way that it could pass across my car nor it had any other vehicle behind so, I requested the driver (who was unfortunately a male), to take his car reverse so that I could take the desired right turn, and he could also go ahead on his way.

Well... I'm still upset with what happened thereafter!

The driver of this another car, gave me this weird look and literally ordered in a very rude tone of voice, "Gaadi seedhe nikal...!

Oh my my... this rudeness was not it. The worst was yet to come.

I noticed there was a lady besides the driver seat who seemed to be this rude man's wife, and an old lady at the back seat who perfectly looked to be his mother. I was wondering that how could these ladies not intervene when a man from their family was insulting another woman like this. I still with-held my anger, and told him (this time in a bit rude tone) that I want to go right then why should I go straight so please use your reverse gear for few seconds, and let me move so that you could also go, and there this shameless man insulted again saying, "chal chal...!". This was the moment when, I asked his mother to teach some manners to her son, and to my surprise, she just nodded, and asked me to leave instead of telling her son to behave.

It was very evident from his behavior that he did so, because it was a female driver in a car before him, and he didn't appreciate this. Infact, I believe he doesn't even give respect to his wife or mother that's why they both were less bothered when he misbehaved.

Well, it's not rare nowadays that we see females driving cars. I, myself, am driving for more than eight years, and can confidently say that I'm not a bad driver. 

On one hand, where people are talking about gender equality, and women empowerment, on the other hand, some MCPs can't even stand females in driver seats. It is just that it got heated-up this much this time, else I've heard incidents where, breaking a traffic signal by a male is considered as a cool thing in general whereas a female is laughed at, saying she doesn't even know the traffic rules so how can she drive! But, people just don't get that breaking a traffic signal implies same amount of fine on males and females. So, when we don't have two separate laws then why can't they shut their mouth? 

I guess, if women couldn't drive well ever, then there would have been a prohibition on getting a car license by females...LOL! I know all "men" are not same but, these people who have less sense of respect, should literally shut their mouth.

Plus, when a male drives rash, he gets down from the car with a seventh cloud attitude thinking, "Oh! I'm so cool, I can drive rash, I can skit the car" and Blah! Blah! But, a female would again be laughed upon... WHY???

Well, it's true that some females look really worried and less confident while driving but, I'm sure that most of them are scared of the jokes and laughter that they have to go through.

This is also true that, females use the rear mirror more to check their make-up... LOL! But, please accept that this doesn't mean that they can't drive good enough. Give me a space to park my car between two vehicles with "just" an extra inch, and I'll show you how to park "bumper to bumper" without a hit

Dear people, don't just talk about women empowerment, take some action, and start it from yourself. Start respecting what females are doing to become independent. Don't laugh at them guys; instead support them! My husband did his part, and today when we go on a highway, we don't just share the "journey" together but "driving" too, and I'm proud of him!

I don't expect people to treat me like equal to a "man" because of the fact that I believe in gender equality. I am someone who loves it when her husband brings roses to make her feel special, the one who loves it when her husband opens the front door for her, who loves it when her husband slows down his steps seeing his wife is left behind, that one woman who loves it when her husband takes the heavy stuff from his wife saying, "you'll get hurt". 

We, females, do like getting pampered, but what we don't like is; getting disrespectful attitude. 

So guys... please... Respect, Drive, and Let Drive!

PS: Treat women with respect, and they will treat you even better!

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