Thursday 4 May 2017

It's all about Money... NO!

True that "Money" has become one of the major factors behind human beings' unending happiness nowadays. Money is all one needs; to buy fashion, to buy travel, to buy popular gadgets and "what not"! This "what not" is non-monetary. You don't have to pay for the smile you get on your lips when you see a new born laughing in sleep, you don't get charged for the happiness you feel when you see your family happy, you don't charge to help your friends.

These traits are not at all chargeable but, the elements you mostly derive with the things you pay for include; ego, pride, attitude, power, status, comfort, etc. But, I have seen less life in such people's lives.

Moreover, some people are so poor; all they have is "Money"! This statement is being associated to/by different people in different forms, and is understood in contrasting ways. But, in any way, it carries weight because it depicts a very harsh reality. Some people just believe in earning money and becoming rich but, they don't understand that money makes you rich but not necessarily wealthy. They believe that money is everything where the truth lies in the fact that, all the money falls short when it comes to values like; one earning one's own respect, fighting for life, etc.

There are many other attributes that are more valuable and precious than monetary wealth; health, moral values, content relationships, etc. You can't buy these even if you have enormous amount of money. Even the friends you make by flaunting your financial status are not there when you need them around in any hardship because, they were not your real friends, they didn't really care, and financially; you don;t need them!

Mostly people think that it would be wonderful to be rich yet so many celebrities appear to be unhappy in their personal lives, they strive to make lasting relationships but, often ending up alone, never really knowing whether they are liked for themselves or their money. 

Sure; "Money is not the all" but, sure; "is a Lot"! 

We dedicate number of years studying to get a job with good salary. Some even divert towards other career opportunities considering their capabilities over time but everyone strives to have better lives eventually. With money; you can teach your children in Oxford, Stanford or Harvard; drive a red color Ferrari; wear Prada. Also, you may not win the destiny but sure, can get yourself and your loved ones, the best medical treatments. You may help needy people in their crucial times. You may donate for some really good causes in society. It is up-to us, as humans, to know the benefits of having excessive money and how we can help others by social gatherings, charity activities, etc.

If some rich people have problems inspite of being financially very sound, this cannot be applied to everybody because all of them are not the same. I have seen people respecting even Politicians like Father Figure, I have even heard about financially weak people killing rich ones for their own benefit, families fighting with others for each other, and "what not"! Yes, this "what not" is non-monetary!

What everyone needs to understand is that "Richness" is the richness of "Soul". We all need to have respect and love among each other rather than; "Money"! 

PS: Money will always buy you everything but, Love! A human being earns "Money" but, a Soul earns "Respect"

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