Saturday 13 May 2017

A Marriage is made in Heaven but doesn't bring Ego along! (Part-1)

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It's been little late this time since I posted last but, you see... a husband and a kid are good enough to keep you super busy and they can make you even super occupied in your most idle times.

As I earlier posted, when your husband is your first kid; you need to be a super woman... LOL! I don't know if I am "one" otherwise but, for my delicate darlings; my husband and my daughter; certainly, I am the one. No doubt, you lose your patience at times but, it's worth it. Handling my bundles of joy gives me another level of peace. 

Someone once asked me, "Don't you get irritated or exhausted with your responsibilities?" 

I was startled at the question at first because, I never took it this way before that. It has never been something like "carrying out my responsibilities", I only thought I am taking care of my loved ones. I love managing everything that belongs to them. I love handling them and getting the same treatment in return, when needed. I should say, I just love them... that's all!

But yes, couples generally start taking each other for granted in later years of their marriage which makes them fed-up with each other. Each of them believes that their better half is trying to dominate and rule. Yes, separation has become a trend for people these days and couples don't want others to interfere in their lives but, I'm sure most of them can be sorted if only talked about between the two people involved. 

I have seen people considering a mother's anger as one of her approaches to guide the kids towards right direction but, a wife's anger is considered as anger only. She is considered as dominating and if the husband listens; he is called "joru ka ghulam". Likewise, when a father shouts, it is considered as his strictness to keep a check on what the kids are doing in their lives but, when a husband does the same, he is considered as dominating and sometimes even categorized as a Male Chauvinist Pig. Thought process changes with relationships. Sometimes, it is necessary but, sometimes it ruins the beauty of a relationship.

Everyone has clashes with their parents too. Two completely different generations try to settle at common approach towards life but sometimes, the parents give up on their children and vice-versa. But, at the end, everyone tries to maintain peace because they love each other. But, it is not the same when it comes to soul-mates, difference in one's approach spoils the bond since each of them wants to prioritize their ego. People have found an easy of walking out off a relation when they give up on their patience or when their ego is not pleased. That's strange and sad!

Let's share and care about some such generalized issues in next posts, and find out if there is any solution to it at all.

to be continued...

PS: Ego is not made in Heaven but, Marriages are!

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