Saturday 29 April 2017

The Hardest Goodbye!

I always pondered in my childhood; how it would be, being in my mum's shoes leading my own married life. I wondered if I would be this strong one day. The day I stepped inside my wedding venue; the first person I met there was... my Daddy!

We both seemed equally astonished. I could encapsulate all his love for his daughter, who was a baby once; was right there before him in her wedding dress, all set to leave him and Momy to start her new life.

WOW! What a mixed feeling it was! I was startled by the thought that after all this celebration; how I'm going to face the hardest Goodbye of my life.

Parents, with whom we live since the day we open our eyes into this world, who biologically are the first people we belong to, who teach us almost everything, are supposed to be left behind to start our new life in a new family. This new start brings a new chapter not just in bride's life but also in her parents', bridegroom's and in bridegroom's family too. Where the bridegroom and his family have to adjust with an all new member, on the other hand, it is the most difficult adaptation for the bride's family to start living afresh without a member who has been there with them like, forever.

I remember my mum always telling me rather than asking, "how we'd live when you'll get married!" I could always sense her fear in her voice but could never reply. I knew, marrying me away won't be an easy task for them as I am the youngest one among the siblings. Although, I don't live far from them even now; but, it's always the same feeling of separation when you leave their house to come back to yours. The girl who will always be a baby to her parents, becomes a stranger when, she calls her own home as her parents', and an another house as her own.

The day I held my daughter in my arms for the first time, made me realize how it is to be a Momy! Motherhood brought me even closer to my parents; may be because it made me realize what all have my parents done to give me whatever I demanded, and to make me the person that I'm today.

I still wonder, if I would be good enough as a Momy but, when I look at my daughter, it gives me all the strength I need. 

PS: Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, it simply means a daughter will miss her Parents, until she meets them again!

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