Friday 14 April 2017

Throwback: Good Old Times!

Childhood is just like a faded Dream which, remains stored in a corner of our senses but, doesn't revive until something related happens in present. You never remember an old advertisement in general but as soon as you see a link on Facebook which says, "Ads, only people born in 80s will cherish", you click at the very first moment, and feel nostalgic while watching those oldie-goldie advertisements.
You don't like thinking about your scores in high school but, as soon as you come to know about grades achieved by any younger sibling or cousin, you instantly compare it with what you achieved in same standard, whether you show it on your face or not.

Some of the memories are good while others are bad or sad; like you don't remember your pre-school but you do remember how you cried to stay back with your Mom at home... LOL! You might not remember a rhyme from your child's book but, you still remember most of those which you sang in your pre-school... hehe!

We don't generally talk about the friends we had in childhood because they were temporary and only a handful of people must be having same friends until now but, you do remember them whenever you come across anyone with same name.

I always feel happy whenever I look back at the time spent in school, main memories being; festival celebrations, birthday parties, canteen food, etc. University time was special in its own ways; bunking classes, shopping, movies, lunch outings and still scoring best grades...wink! wink!

But, this is not it. When you would look at your/future kids, you will relish all the beautiful memories over and over again. 

I remember, how my Mom used to pack my school lunch everyday maintaining our favorite dishes in the menu, and how my Dad used to keep a check on my scores and motivated me for scoring better when I didn't get impressive grades. Undoubtedly, younger generation is more independent but, what's still same is; parents' bond with children, and memories (may it be difference from ours) unlimited to be cherished by our kids in future like we are cherishing ours. Like they say, "people born in 80s are the last generation who watched movies on VCRs, who liked playing in streets than anywhere else, who traveled in cars without air bags, lived without our personal mobile phones, didn't have multiplex theatres in our childhood but, despite all this, we had SUPER AMAZING time.

PS: True that; Change is Hard at First, Messy in the Middle but; it's Gorgeous at the End. Take instances from your childhood, and paint even a better past of your children to be relished by them in future! 

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