Wednesday 19 April 2017

Roses have Thorns!

Based on a True Story: A friend had shared something from her personal life and wanted me to frame it when she visited my Blog. So, this one is for your sweetie...

Aaliya and Kartik were happily married for a good seven years. Arranged Marriage, not knowing each other in advance, an age gap of almost three years but; they had excellent understanding unlike a lot of couples. She would do every little bit to impress him over and over again, and he would surprise her everytime, in his own ways. Tremendous love for each other's family, friends, utmost care for each other; their marriage had the true beauty. In addition, both being IT engineers, Aaliya and Kartik had a lot to talk in common.

Besides an unmatchable companionship, they too had problems like almost every other couple. Good part being; their fights usually short-lived, and bad being; they used to argue for petty reasons at most of the times. They fought seldom in the beginning but, as the years passed, the bitterness increased. It's been said sarcastically that, Wives don't let their husbands talk but, Aaliya always wanted Kartik to speak whenever they fought or if she wanted to discuss something but, she always ended at one complaint, "Kartik, why don't you speak?". But, he never did. This made Aaliya even worse. She became more complaining but never did she get any answer. Infact, Kartik had similar complaints with Aaliya. On one hand, they both could talk and listen to each other for hours but on the other, they won't listen to each other's complaints.

Generally, couples end-up fighting for no reason. Wives as well as husbands feel that their spouse should understand everything without saying a word but, we forget that the telepathy can go wrong at times. They would discuss and come to a conclusion for the whole wide world but, they wouldn't settle for a common solution for themselves. Some couples take it as misunderstandings / disagreements / disputes between them but, they don't understand that they both are the only person for each other (probably after parents), with whom they can talk about anything and everything. If a husband is a secret admirer of his wife, the wife also covers him up, and vice-versa. If you can discuss other concerns with each other; you surely can resolve your personal affairs too. You just need to retain your belief that even if you both fight for no reasons, you both will remain those pillars for each other who, would stand by your side given any circumstances. After all, roses have thorns too!

Aaliya and Kartik, could also fall nowhere if they wouldn't have realized each other's value in their lives. Instead of arguing about other concerns, they discussed about the gap which was growing between them for sometime now, and found that they both had been suffering from immense pain deep inside; and both were missing their previous golden years; the fact being they both were still truly madly deeply in love with each other. 

They learned from this temporary phase which didn't prove to be the "full-stop" in their relationship but, just a "pause", and they are living their marriage with the same beauty now.

PS: If it is "truly madly deeply", it has to be forever, and if it's not now; it never was, and if it is; do everything to keep it beautiful!

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