Wednesday 12 April 2017

Healthy gives Health; Not Always!

"Foodie" is the word for me! Tell me one good eatery, and I will be right there next day, tasting their specialty. I don't only like eating but, cooking too. But I know, how difficult it becomes to give a new recipe to the same dish you cooked before you got married but, you put all your efforts to make the best dishes for your new family. I too somehow, made it possible to impress their taste-buds and started experimenting top listed Veg Recipes. 

But, on the other hand, it's equally difficult to cook for yourself.
You see 'n' number of quick food delivery options, and finally end up ordering one for yourself with a thought that, there is no benefit in cooking for one person when, that one person is You.

I'm glad that one common factor which, I and my husband share since childhood is that we both like trying variety of cuisines provided it should be Veg. Coming back to cooking for yourself, it is a Task. Whenever I don't get to pack my lunch for office, the most convenient walk-in for a quick take away is; Subway, which is few meters from my office, plus Subs are comparatively healthy too. 

I sometimes wonder, how people, with no craze for food survive... LOL!

But, being so addicted doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your health. Being health conscious, I avoid extra cheese and mayo in my Subs. But, would this be enough?

Nope! Not at all...

Eating healthy can be hazardous too; if not for health, for sure for your taste-buds. You gotta trust me on this, and if you don't, then you will, by the end of this blog.

So, I picked a paneer-tikka Sub one day along with a chocolate chip cookie. I was having it in the cab on way back to home as always. It's just that, may be because I'm generally idle in cab, I keep looking at my sandwich while I finish a bite. I don't know why but, I like seeing those paneer cubes. But that day, there was something more than the cubes. I still can't overcome that feeling... eww!

A big green insect was lying there between the veggies and paneer cubes. A real big green insect just, it was not alive (I guess).

At first, I inspected for few more seconds thinking I might be mistaking lettuce with insect but, this was it; The Insect. I couldn't withstand it, and just threw the sandwich back in the pack. I couldn't even have the chocolate chip cookie then. 

I should have kept the pack safe, and should have taken a action against the outlet but, it was so disgusting to keep the packet by my side that I had to throw it out. The sight of that insect still spoils my taste-buds whenever, I recollect that incident. You never know, was it poisonous or non-poisonous.

The only thing I'm glad about it is; the insect had all its parts, it wasn't cut from anywhere. So, I can ignore it with a thought that I didn't bite it at all... Ugh! Can't think of it anymore!

PS: I literally had to put aside the 2-minute noodles which I started eating while writing now. Watch out guys! It could have been worse, had I seen only half of that insect...Yuck! Be Careful!

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