Saturday 22 April 2017

Intelligence, Labour & Karma!

We have seen people achieving success at an early age. Some of them succeed in really short span of time. When I got my Master's degree, I thought I am going to be one among the youngest degree holders (since I was blessed enough to repeat any exam) but, as soon as I started working; I came across seniors who were even younger than me. May be they started working early, or may be they were hired during campus placements and got the permanent positions early. But yes! I also imagined myself in their shoes assuming I performed even better though, I have always believed that I did my best in all the examinations. Does it mean that they have better brains? or they are faster as processors?
But, if they were so superior than me, why did they have to join the same profession? Should they have opted for any other field, for instance, Civil, Medical etc., I could have been at their designation with the same brains that I have now...winks!

But, this is not that simple. If I have come across such people, I have also seen people who were actually extra-ordinary but couldn't do good enough to reach the desired heights in their careers, and even some who were not even average but are doing really well. It's all a chain of Intelligence, Labour and Karma. Some are intelligent but don't put enough labour and settle for less than what they desire, where others are not intelligent enough but, believe in Karma so, they put all their blood in, and come out with flying colors. 

It's said, "God helps those who help themselves!". True, Almighty showers His grace on those who don't give up while working hard. Sometimes, we perceive our good results as the outcome of our own working only but, I have seen people fail in achieving targets even after working day and night; that's Luck! That is why, it is said that never lose hope & faith on Almighty. If you are honest with your innerself and in all your doings, you surely will achieve positive results if not now then may be later because, if you are hard-working you are going to be successful sooner or later depending on your Karma but, if you are sitting idle believing that you are blessed enough then, you might land-up in trouble my dear friend. 

Karma is dependent on a proportionate of IntelligenceLabour; and IntelligenceLabour are interdependent so, if you blend the perfect portion of later two elements; Karma will shower the Luck now or later but not, never.

PS: Dreams which you see while asleep are just illusions, but the imaginations you make while awake are the real dreams of your life but, do not fly with hollow wings; dream what you can work hard for!

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