Wednesday 26 April 2017

A Daughter grows up to be your Best Friend!

Daughters are the most beautiful gift from God. Yours is the one who, will love you the most in this whole wide world, no matter what, like you've loved your Mom since forever. You two play together, eat together, even fight together but you both are going to be the best company for each other. A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your best friend. 

She will always find you the most beautiful woman in this world, she will fight for you, she will never find you fat, she can't see you sad either, she wants to choose your wardrobe while shopping and also choose your dress when you have to get ready to go out. 

I happened to go out with my daughter, Sneha, recently. I, and my husband generally shop together for each other but; sometimes when he is occupied and I can't wait to shop, I just pick my wallet, car keys and drive away to my favorite shopping centres. So, this time I took my five year old daughter along (as a result of a weekend shopping promise made to her). She also seemed very excited about our "Momy-Sneha" day out. She wanted me to literally put wheels under all the Brands and take everything home for myself; that's her way of pampering the woman she loves the most. Blessed, I felt!

When she was born, I didn't think that I am going to have the best of my times with this cute little thing. How those tiny palms which could hardly hold anything but, my one finger; were all over the places looking for the best dresses for me. She surely added the best to my wardrobe especially because I have sentiments attached to that clothing now. We had enough of shopping done, plus my little darling was hungry so, we grabbed a table in food court and had her all time favorite noodles, white sauce pasta and lime soda, and a cold coffee for me. It wasn't Starbucks or Costa but, a simple frappe with chocolate sauce. I guess that was the best frappe I ever had because, my darling named it "Momy's coffee", and she still remembers our outing and "Momy's coffee" more than what she ordered for herself.

I don't know how to pen down, how lovely that day was! I believe, the most beautiful emotions can't be expressed properly but can just be felt.

PS: Bliss is... sharing your DNA with a daughter!

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