Monday 10 April 2017

Lost and Never Found! (Part-3)


We had a number of reasons for being sad; our trip was coming to an end, time to say Good-bye to my sister's family for an indefinite time, and we were yet to get our ECs. Just one thought which kept us in a positive frame of mind was; may be on time or little late but, we were going home...Finally! The hitch was going to vanish as soon as we'd take our flight to home.

We had planned our visit to The Leaning Tower of Pisa, in-between the waiting time for train from Florence to Rome. So, with a thought of not spoiling anything on our dream vacation, we visited there, and we're glad, we did. We reached Rome somewhere in late evening hours, and made our way to the apartment we had booked for the last three nights of our trip.

Everything is Planned... This had just been a dialogue from Akshay Kumar's movie, "Ajnabee" until then. Obviously, we had to visit the Embassy atleast 2-3 times for the procedural requirements. But, when we searched for the Indian Embassy address, we found out that it was just ten minutes away on foot from where we stayed. 

First, our passports were stolen at a stage of our trip when, we had already covered all the major Countries and we were already in the last Country in our itinerary (which if had happened somedays ago, would surely have ruined our whole trip). Secondly, since we lost the passports in Italy, we were supposed to get the ECs from Indian Embassy in Italy which happened to be in Rome, and our next destination after losing passports was Rome only (which can be counted as, no extra hassle for travelling all the way to Rome for a special purpose). Third, the Embassy was at few minutes distance from our apartment (which meant no hurdle inbetween visiting the planned places in Rome).

Next day, I, my husband and daughter left for the Embassy in the morning, and queued up with everyone else waiting for it to open. Right there, we met an Asian guy who helped us in getting all the documentation (passport size pictures, xerox, etc.) done from a nearby shop. We got our receipts after making the specified payment for ECs at the Embassy, along with a verbal assurance that we can collect same day in the evening. It seemed like it all happened in a blink of an eye. We were happy like before, cracking jokes and laughing... LOL!

Next was, meeting my sister's family at Colosseum. We had a great time together until afternoon and parted our ways again before lunch and planned to meet again after collecting the ECs. We were just praying the Best of our Lucks. We reached Embassy at the time given to us but, were made sit and wait for like an hour or so. We thought, we are going to end up in another tragedy now but; felt much lighter than before since, we noticed people there with similar tragic episodes, and some were in even worse situation than ours. Well...

The time arrived, they called our names and the concerned officer finally handed over our ECs to us. WOW! What a feeling it was!

What happiness! What peace!

I called my BIL and gave him The News. Everyone was very happy.

I was on Ninth Cloud as my husband said to me, "Yeah Baby! We are going home as scheduled".

The feeling of going home after such a beautiful trip has never been so amazingly beautiful.

PS: Sometimes, we don't value time until we see something bad coming our way but, Time and Fate go hand in hand. If Good times don't promise to last forever; Bad times can't take away the good things meant for us. What you just need to do is, Stay Positive, Strong & Together.

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