Saturday 13 January 2018

Daddyz are meant to be Admired - Always!

Nothing seems more special when it comes to "Him". We have mostly talked about Mothers and Motherhood but the truth is, your Mother & Father were born as your parents at the same time, and they are ageless. Their love is one constant emotion in everyone's life. May be because, mothers' love is talked about the most that's why, it seems unrealistically special when it comes to daddys'.
Sometimes, on a weekend day, when your life doesn't need a set routine, you are so engrossed in the Chapters of your Life that, neither you want to watch your favorite series, nor you wish to hang out. It was my dad's birthday few weeks ago, and I couldn't make my presence since, it was a weekday, and the unexpected workload showered like it always does when you least expect it, in-fact when you don't demand it at all. The day passed like any other busy day, and I could just make a call to my dad whom, I supposedly, love the most. Though, I made-up the loss on the following weekend but, it can never be compared to the celebrations done on the day of occasion itself. I feel nostalgic over the things which my dad has ever done, and still does for me. 

You do get occupied once, you are married. Sometimes, you even ignore calling your parents but, they don't. I remember, when I got married 3.5 years ago, I got so busy with my new family that, I hardly called them. There was a time when, I actually felt that I get to talk to Mom but, I hadn't heard dad for a long time. Then, you do every little thing to do away with your guilt. When I gave him the first call post my marriage, I realized, I was not even aware about his everyday routine. He had joined a health center, and used to wake-up @6 every morning. I was happy about him but, I felt sad that how did I not know about him. So, I started calling him more frequently, and it settled my guilt to some extent. 

True, that parents are loved the most but, there is one more truth that, we take them "for-granted" the most as well. We disconnect their call without answering, believing that they will understand that we are busy but, they don't disconnect our's when they are busy. Infact, we even forget to call them back sometimes but, they don't if they have missed our call by chance. 

I remember, during my university exams, if my mom used to ask me for tea/coffee during late night studies; my dad used to come and check, after every 30-45 minutes, if I was still studying. He never asked me to take a break and go to sleep. I know, it was his dream to seem me independent one day, and he looked the happiest when I had got my professional degree.  He still encourages me for every little assignment I take-up. Sometimes, when I have to go far for work, it seems difficult at first which I feel, is evident with a 1.5 year old toddler. But, I always get to manage my strength which is inculcated in me, by my dad. 

Today, I realize; the warmth & care we have, has surely been inherited from our Mothers' but, our Dads' have played a very special role in building us they way, we are. 

Whenever, my husband doesn't fulfill any of our daughter's wish, for her good, I can relate it to the times when I felt that, dad was insensitive towards me. Whenever, my husband wonders how do I not skip any dangerous ride in a theme park, I just smile! It is my dad who always pushed not to look away from difficulties. He has built my innerself everytime in one or, the other way.

The only good thing I see in myself which is built-in me by myself is; Nothing!
The only good thing, he forgot to teach me while raising me up is; Nothing!

Dear Daddy, you got me married to my "Prince" but, you'll always be my "King"!

PS: I Love you, Dad! 

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