Thursday 6 April 2017

Lost and Never Found! (Part - 1)

Have you ever thought of being alone at a distant place, far from your own people, from your motherland?

It's not a bad idea to holiday alone anywhere in this small world; it's rather Exciting! But, you certainly become alone, in a foreign land...feel absolutely abandoned... in-spite of being with your family when; you are unfortunate enough to lose your Passport(s) there.

There you stand with your family, looking for every corner of your bag as if, the passports could squeeze and hide there. Your eyes wide open, as you shout for your husband to tell him that you don't see the case in your bag which has all the passports of your family. Equally horrified, he tries to calm you down saying, it must be there, we can't lose it, you are a responsible woman. He pulls you to cross the road towards your rented apartment where you are staying for your trip but, you forget that you are at a place where you are supposed to follow all the rules and shouldn't stand in the middle of a road. You feel frozen; your body chilling out of fear. The very reason being that, you know deep down in your heart, that you are not going to find it since, you kept it in your bag in the morning and even noticed it twice or thrice during the day.

You mouth remains shut, as your husband tugs you to the apartment and unlocks the door. He tries to find it in your luggage but... all in vain! Meanwhile, your loving sister's family, who has accompanied you all this while on your trip, is all shocked and equally traumatized, and still tries to calm you down.

A Thing! Which you always keep with utmost care; your passport. 

An Incident! You don't want to imagine ever... An incident, you don't wish to happen with anybody...

...I, my husband, and my daughter were on our "Dream Vacation" last year in Summers. To cut short, we had a Great time in; "Great Britain", loved the romantic city; "Paris", admired the only heaven on Earth; "Switzerland", and arrived at our last destination; "Italy". One of my sisters' family (my loving sister, dearest brother-in-law and my two darling niblings), also accompanied us. We were thoroughly enjoying and making the best out of our fifteen days' Europe Tour. 

Venice was the second last city in our itinerary. We were super excited about the matchless beauty of Venice, which we had only seen in videos and wallpapers until then. We reached there in evening hours and our host welcomed us right there at the tube station; Venezia-Mestre, and we made a way to our apartment in Sant Antonio. They made us feel comfortable, and left for the day. 

It was Venice Redentore 2016, starting from the next day for two days. It is one of the most acclaimed events of the Venetian Calendar so, we stepped out quite early not to miss any specialty about the festival. We took a bus to the Grand Canal, and thereon, made our way in the middle of the sacred beauty through water taxi. We had our Gondola ride from St. Mark's Square; "the ultimate experience", visited St. Mark's Basilica, and spent the whole day in the most beautiful way, as expected. We took a water taxi way back, and struggled for sometime to get into one since, it was very crowded due to the festival, and people were struggling hard to find space to stand. We got down at our stop and took a bus way back to the apartment. 

As soon as we got down at Sant Antonio, I felt my bag being much lighter in weight than what it was, the whole day. I just peeped in casually and made sure that the wallet which had almost all our cash was there. Yes, it was right there. But, just then...

I couldn't move, I couldn't speak for next few seconds, my eye-balls were still, feeling super sick, I guess I lost my breathe in that moment...

Our Passport Case was not there....Man!!!

to be continued...

PS: Even if you keep your belongings responsibly; you may still need to be extra vigilant; especially in a distant land :-/ But, what should be your Attitude during such an unfortunate time; you'll find out in my next Blog :-)

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