Saturday 16 September 2017

The Hope - Brings "The Reds" Not "The Blues"!

The little girl was crying out that she is missing her daddy who has gone out of town for work. But, as soon as her mother asked to accompany her to super market to get few of her daddy's favorite snacks, she was all excited like never before and her mother was able to manage her for another few days until her daddy came back.

It seems so convenient to console a child's innocent soul but, her mother actually, gave her the Hope that she is going to see her daddy very soon since her mommy has already started preparing for his welcome. Hope is a small word with a bigger meaning. It has the Strength which lets you hold on and stay positive when the world seems against. We cling on to its shoulder in all odds. 

If a child gets hurt, we say, "It is nothing baby. You are just fine."

If anyone has an exam, we say, "Don't worry. You are going to do really well even if we don't know which exam one has."

If we are getting late to reach somewhere, we Hope that, "There won't be any traffic on the way."

If any close one is not well, we tell them, "You are going to be absolutely perfect very soon."

We are never aware of the consequences. But Yes! Hope keeps us going for the time being. It makes you feel; a little more better, a little more happy, a little more positive and a little less teary. You are not getting anything in return but you are able to see happy faces for a little longer.

Whenever, I have felt low and less confident, I have always put on the brightest of reds from my lipsticks collection and looked a lot better. It boosts my confidence. It doesn't mean that I intend to impress anyone but, when you have a confident self, half the battle is won. It's about doing what brings you motivation from your innerself. Since, it's said, "God helps those, who help themselves". So, it is for your own good help.

If you see any person wearing nice clothes on a farewell, or if you see a patient laughing on a hospital bed, do not consider them as careless or insensitive, they might be among those carefree persons who know the value of this short-lived life, and could handle a hardship better than those who lose Hope at an edge. 

This another day, I was travelling in Metro (from my workplace to home) when at one Station, I heard the guard asking people to move and make space. Like others, I also tried peeping around the open gates to figure out who is coming. Although, it was predictable that it is someone who might require special needs, we come across many such people while travelling in public transport. This time, it was someone on an automatic wheel chair who managed bringing her chair until the opened gates on her own, and her two friends along with the guard, helped her hopping on the metro, and they settled her chair at one side of the compartment. They didn't ask for a seat for her since she was on her own wheel chair. I don't know whether the girl had some injury or some other medical reasons. I tried finding out any bandage anywhere but, couldn't. But what made me do so? 

She was a young girl, may be in her early 20s, average height, and lean body. She was wearing a tunic with flat cage sandals. But, what made me fall for this young soul was, her Nails. She had those long nails, all painted in "Red" with some twinkles on few tips. She was looking at her nails every now and then with that bright smile on her face. These three friends were talking, smiling and laughing but I could only hear the voice of this one girl. I am sure she was hiding something behind that laughter and those red painted nails but, it kept me bright thereafter. Her Smile added another twinkle in her Charm. The girl gave me courage with a new form of Hope that it is not difficult to stay happy. If one door is barring you from moving forward towards happiness, find it through other doors but, stay happy stay positive. Hats off to that girl, I am glad I came across her.

There are many other instances in everyone's life where Hope comes along inevitably. But, if there is any-time when you start losing it, just wear the Brightest of Reds; Red of Love, Red of Willpower, Red of Strength, Red of your beautiful Innerself, and most importantly; Red of Hope!

PS: Everything leaves a Hope behind. Bad Times leave a Hope that we shouldn't face it again, and Good Times leave a hope that we shall live it again. It is never all Empty because; there is Hope Forever!


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