Wednesday 5 April 2017

A Wednesday; Not Just Another Day!

"Mumy, are you going to office today?", Sneha asked in a husky voice. I asked her if she wanted me to bring anything. A straight, "NO", she replied. I grabbed her in my arms and told her that I'll get her a surprise in the evening (not knowing exactly what could make her happy more than having me at home)

It was her holiday, a day after her School Annual Function. But she, disinterested in any surprise, requested innocently, "please don't go today. I want to play with you, it's my holiday".
My heart sank as I wanted to make her understand that; it's a Wednesday darling, and weekend is still two days away.

How I wished her to be matured enough in that moment! Not because she had to be mature enough, but, because her request was making me go weak on my knees. I couldn't move and hugged her for sometime. 

I didn't want to leave her but, I had an important meeting lined-up so couldn't take a leave either. Moreover, I felt if I could have and would have taken a leave that day, my innocent daughter would demand it over and over again in future which I, unwillingly, can't fulfill. Although, she likes coming back from school with her Dadu, and enjoys at home with her grand-parents, but it's always a heavy moment when, she expresses her love this way. 


Somehow, I managed to calm her down, and we settled on a deal for weekend shopping and lunch together. "What a sigh of relief!", I heaved.

Trust me... you always feel miserable when you part with your kid(s), may it be for travel, leisure or even for work.  

Sneha is a five year old brave blood but, at the end of the day, we both are world for each other. It's never too difficult to manage work and home together but, "motherhood", the deep-rooted feature of a Mum's machinery, makes it daunting sometimes.

PS : Give your kid(s) the Time that they deserve, because they deserve the maximum :-)

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